For One or Two Minor Corrections, Deletions and Updates to Listings

Whether you are the farm or event owner, or a visitor or customer, if you want to make one or two minor corrections to any listing, here's the form! The form is designed to make it fast and easy for you to help me update the information, so I can promptly correct it! If you have more than a couple corrections or want to rewrite your listing, use the form on this page:

If you want to recommend a farm to add; use our Suggest a farm market  form UNLESS you are the owner/operator of the farm; in that case, use the  add-my-farm form! 

Don't type in ALL CAPITALS - it looks awful and is considered rude style. I haven't got time to re-write it, so I'll just have to delete it.

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Note: I can not reply to addresses that require a request form for pre-approval. 
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pick-your-own fruits or vegetables   
Pumpkin patch       corn maze           Important: this tells me where
Christmas trees    sleigh rides           to find your listing or listings.
fruit or vegetable festival
other event or activity






This farm or event is permanently closed
The farm is closed in 2009; re-opens next season (2010)
The farm's open days and/or hours are wrong. Replace all current hours and dates with the following:
The phone is disconnected; it appears the farm is permanently closed
The phone number is wrong, it should be
The farm's email address is wrong, it should be
The address has changed or is incorrect (see correction in comments)
The link to their website is not working or should be added: It is:

Note: if the name of your farm is in blue and underlined, then there is a link there already (I get a lot of techno-newbie folks saying "where is my link?", not understanding the the address itself is embedded in the link!)

Comments and / or one or two other MINOR corrections that don't match the categories above:
DO NOT USE THE COMMENTS FIELD FOR A RE-WRITE OF YOUR LISTING if you have more than one or two simple corrections, please use the re-write form on this page for that! I have a day job, so I don't have time to manually complex changes (and that adds to the error rate, which would only make you unhappy if I don't do it as you envisioned).
Type any number in this next box (this is necessary to stop spam programs):
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In submitting this update, I agree to hold harmless and identify Benivia LLC and it's staff from any harm arising from inaccuracies and errors associated  in the information submitted.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  1. Q. If I own a farm and need to correct information on my listing, how do I do that?
    A. If it is minor changes (a phone number, adding a website address, delete something, just use the form above.  For numerous or more complex changes or to re-write your listing, use the add-my-farm form!  
  2. Q. If I am a customer, visitor or friend/neighbor of the farm or event and want to make a correction, how do I do that?
    A. Just use the form above!.
  3. Q. Can you tell me where to find organic ________?
    A. The information about each farm that I found from government agriculture sources didn't include organic status.  I have requested it from the farms, but they are slow in responding.  As they reply I update their listings.  If it doesn't say "organic", it is safe to presume that it isn't.  For 2006, I am identifying organic farms with a green "ORGANIC", so they will stand out.  And in the improved search engine (see question 2) I will enable a "include only organic farms" option, too!.
  4. Q. How long does it take for the changes to appear?
    A. Obviously, I need to verify that the changes are correct, which means verifying that the person making the changes really is the representative of the farm, or that a visitor or customer's changes are correct (You would believe how many times I get emails saying "this farm is closed" because the customer got lost driving and ended up in a neighboring subdivision. I actually make 99% of changes within 24 hours. I'm trying to keep this free for everyone. I don't charge either farmers or consumers (or anyone else). In order to keep it free, I do 100% of all the work myself, in my "spare" time, so it takes me a bit longer (the baby needs some time, too! :).  Keeping this resource free for all has been a priority of mine, along with ease of use and accuracy of the information!

Keep the suggestions coming!  If people want it, I'll do it!


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